BadgerTv0 consists of 8 categories, Movies, Shows, Gaming, Music, Skits, Rants, Tributes, and next year Tutorials. Here are things from every category that are being worked on -


Currently, the only movie in progress is On the Run Part 2, though the filming is done, the editing process is still underway due to song choices. More movies are being planned for next year as well.


Currently, Mafia and Batman Season 2 are being planned.


Currently, the Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1 - 6 Tribute is being worked on.


Currently, our gamers have made four new gaming videos.


HerculesTv0 is working on a bunch of stuff!


One is done and planned to come out before The Hobbit 2.


Currently, one episode of the IMovie Tutorial needs to be finished.


Right now, music is done and planned to be uploaded towards the end of our year for free use.

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